• Idemand for cookies

    Okay So this is on how Mrs. Benson finds out

    Freddie Sam and Spencer are in the sitting room and we all know that Gibby told Mrs. Benson what was going on between her son and the blond headed demon.

    Mrs. Benson: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sam: What was that!

    Freddie: That's my mom!

    Spencer: Oh My God (like he did in iFence)

    Mrs. Benson storms in and rushes to Freddie: Freddie are you hurt, should I get the first aid kit should i call 911!

    Freddie: MOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!!!!!

    Sam hids a smile

    Mrs. Benson runs out to get the first aid kit: I'll be right back don't go anywhere Fredward!

    Freddie runs to go shut the door: She know's and i'm dead!

    Sam: How

    Spencer: Who wants to rub my foot!

    Sam and Freddie stare at him.................…

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  • Idemand for cookies

    Freddie: Says his little speech

    Sam: Freddie I know but I'm not Carly I'm not as pretty as her, I don't have the courage to go up to a guy and tell him how I feel, and Thats why I've been hiding it for years.

    Freddie: we've only known Brad for a few weeks.


    Freddie OK! then who do you like

    Carly walks by

    Sam: Sighs and kisses Freddie I love you

    Carly shocked

    Sam tries to walk away but freddie grabs her and pulls her in and kisses her

    Freddie: Love you too and I've been hiding it for years too

    Carly screaming her head off: OMG

    Gibby walks in dancing with his shirt off

    Sam & Freddie: Gibby!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gibby: OK!!!!!!

    Sam and Freddie kiss again

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  • Idemand for cookies

    My iOMG speculation

    Freddie: Says his little speech

    Sam: I know thats what I should do but i'm so used to the way things are now

    Freddie: yeah i know what you mean but..

    Sam: Freddie, listen I know that this is the right thing to do but I'm not Carly I don't get a guy just by asking him and I'm not as pretty as her and I just can't

    Freddie: Why?

    Carly: walks by

    Sam: becuase I don't love brad

    Freddie: Then who do you love

    Sam: kisses Freddie and tries to walk away

    Freddie: Grads her arm pulls her in and kisses her I love you too I always have

    Carly:shocked look

    Gibby: comes in dancing with his shirt off

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