Okay So this is on how Mrs. Benson finds out

Freddie Sam and Spencer are in the sitting room and we all know that Gibby told Mrs. Benson what was going on between her son and the blond headed demon.

Mrs. Benson: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sam: What was that!

Freddie: That's my mom!

Spencer: Oh My God (like he did in iFence)

Mrs. Benson storms in and rushes to Freddie: Freddie are you hurt, should I get the first aid kit should i call 911!

Freddie: MOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!!!!!

Sam hids a smile

Mrs. Benson runs out to get the first aid kit: I'll be right back don't go anywhere Fredward!

Freddie runs to go shut the door: She know's and i'm dead!

Sam: How

Spencer: Who wants to rub my foot!

Sam and Freddie stare at him........................

Spencer relizing that Sam's about to pound him: I'm gonna go reason with Mrs. Benson!

Spencer goes outside to Mrs. Benson:

Spencer: Mrs. Benson what is it................... this time

Mrs. Benson: My Freddie's dating that thing!

Spencer: Uhhhh........ her name is Sam

Mrs. Benson screams: I KNOW WHAT HER NAME IS!

Spencer: How!

Mrs. Benson: Ever since Freddie started to show an intrest in girls I learned every lip gloss/ lip stick brand/ color there is and every night i would cheak on my little Fredbug every night. A few weeks ago I found lip gloss on him and I wasen't fimilar with who it was becuase i never bothered to learn the type that Sam wears. So I sent that wierd kid who who always takes him shirt off...........

Spencer: Gibby?

Mrs. Benson screams: I KNOW WHAT HIS NAME IS! ......................... So as I was saying I sent him in, I bribed him with liquad soap, because I had a feeling that it was little Miss. Sassy Pants...............

Spencer: Carly?

Mrs. Benson screams: I KNOW WHAT HER NAME IS! For Freddie's sake stop being such and idiot Shay!

Spencer: My name is Spencer

Mrs. Benson: Oh for the love of peace i'm going in!

Spencer: No! Mrs. Benson wait you can't there's a woolly Mammoth in there.

Mrs. Benson Walks in on Sam and Freddie hugging and Freddie comforting Sam.

I Haven't figured out what happens next but this is what I have so far.

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