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Freddie: Says his little speech

Sam: Freddie I know but I'm not Carly I'm not as pretty as her, I don't have the courage to go up to a guy and tell him how I feel, and Thats why I've been hiding it for years.

Freddie: we've only known Brad for a few weeks.


Freddie OK! then who do you like

Carly walks by

Sam: Sighs and kisses Freddie I love you

Carly shocked

Sam tries to walk away but freddie grabs her and pulls her in and kisses her

Freddie: Love you too and I've been hiding it for years too

Carly screaming her head off: OMG

Gibby walks in dancing with his shirt off

Sam & Freddie: Gibby!!!!!!!!!!!

Gibby: OK!!!!!!

Sam and Freddie kiss again

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