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    Any speculations? Crazy fan-thoughts? Overwhelming happiness bubbling over?!

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  • IgnaLovesPancakes

    Who do you think would be the first to realize that they like the other person? Sam or Freddie?

    When Freddie was younger, he made it painfully obvious that he liked Carly. Now he's grown up more and he's gotten mature and I don't see him easily saying, "I like you" to anyone without any awkwardness. Especially so to a girl who he's best frenemies with.

    Now Sam is a different story. To me, she doesn't seem like one to express her emotions in general (except w/ Carly). She's always picked on Freddie, and she still does. Of course, when she makes fun of him now, I don't see it viciously. When I see it, it's just playful, natural, and takes the awkwardness that they might feel away knowing that they are really close friends. For her to let that …

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  • IgnaLovesPancakes

    He just tweeted this pic. Is it just me or is he sporting a little bit of a goatee? Haha, time goes by so fast :)

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  • IgnaLovesPancakes

    So I was looking around on Seventeen and there's this list of best high school boyfriends from TV and movies. And I happened to stumble upon none other than our own Freddie Benson! Kinda cool, huh? I ship Seddie, but Freddie's crush on Carly has been a big thing in the earlier seasons. The only thing I find wrong is that it says Carly & Freddie work on the AV club or something..not true! But the iCarly nod is pretty nice :)

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  • IgnaLovesPancakes

    Ok, I totally stole this from Magicboots, hope that's ok! But it's pretty fun and I'd love to see your answers!

    How it works:

    1) Press shuffle on your iPod, and the song title that shows up will be your answer for the first question.

    2) Press next and keep answering the questions! Things can get pretty random or just scarily accurate!


    1) What do your friends think of you?

    Dope Nose by Weezer (Haha..don't know what that means!)

    2) What does your family think of you?

    Here We Go Again by Demi Lovato (I am offended!)

    3) What do strangers think of you?

    Yellow Sun by the Raconteurs (Guessing that's a good thing..)

    4) You think about what constantly?

    She Changes Your Mind by Copeland (Um..weird)

    5) What do your parents think of you?

    Love Story by Taylor Swif…

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