Have you guys heard about iCarly being nominated for an Emmy? iCarly, alongside Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place, and JONAS are all nominated for Outstanding Kids Program and I'm pretty psyched about it. This is my opinion, but I just don't like most of the Disney shows. It's just.. most of their episodes are so focused on relationships. With iCarly if you take away the Seddie/Creddie aspect, you still get a good and funny plot or subplot in every episode. Besides, iCarly is just so smartly written. You get silliness from the characters without being too cheesy and yet there is still great character development. With the iCarly episodes it's just a continous story. In other shows it's like once they establish a character there's no change and the episodes are just random events that happen.. I know I'm rambling and I'm not trying to hate on the other shows It's just how I feel on the situation.. I'm not sure how to end this blog without it being awkward.. um.. I love the word "Chizz"! ^_^

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