thumb|300px|rightNew promo thingy is up for iStart A Fanwar. And I'm just voicing my opinions here.

I love this video. It really does start off right at the beginning, 3 YEARS ago when iCarly first started. And it equally shows how Creddie and Seddie has developed throughout the series. At the end of this, I just smiled because it's a pretty sentimental thing.

I think both sides have something to cheer for.

Seddie: Basic love/hate relationship. The announcer dude said that they went from enemies to "more than friends". To see Sam pulling that face when she walked into the Creddie dance, and her voicing her opinion on Freddie's new relationship w/ Carly, to me, shows that she cares. And that they never had their time together, to see if they were meant to be. Freddie has put up with Sam so much, and I find it so sweet of Freddie to put up with her, and understand her so well. I'm hoping for iSaFW to show some real sign of them having a crush on each other, because all Seddiers have been running on are hints and subtleness. Like it was said in another blog, SEDDIE IS NOT CANON.

Creddie: This promo really makes me think about why I think the Creddie relationship is so realistic and incredibly sweet. Freddie has been crushing on Carly forever. And I know that a lot of Seddiers don't like Creddie because Carly was always turning him down. But honestly, she at those points, was just friends with Freddie. Reflect it on your own life. Have you ever had that one best guy/girl friend and find that over time you might feel something more? With the Seddie love/hate thing, Sam was just increasingly vicious and she may have softened up over time, but I don't think Freddie would just forget about that. A relationship is double-sided, and we already know that Carly and Freddie love each other. It's up to iSaFW to tell us whether they are IN love with each other.

So..that's just what I think. Feel free and argue with my point, because even though I like Seddie more, I'm unbiased when I talk about Creddie. The end of this recap really does leave either ship completely open. I'm thinking that Creddie will be addressed first, because at this point it is the most open ended. So what are your expectations and wasn't it sort of nostalgic just to see how far this series came? :)

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