I really think that iSell Penny-Tees was a good, solid episode, but Sam & Freddie's interaction really kind of scares me in terms of whether they could ever be a couple. I mean, I was kinda disgruntled with Sam shocking Freddie in iGet Pranky, but her violence towards him in iSell Penny-Tees wasn't very comforting either. And to make things a bit worse, Freddie kind of reciprocates it, too.

He calls Sam a "lazy blonde" and says that she is horrible... and that whole knife thing "Don't think bad thoughts and you won't do bad things" just made me very sad about Seddie. At this point, Creddie seems ok...

The only thing that is keeping my insane Seddie fan-mode intact is that this was produced before iGet Pranky, and they are acting remotely kind towards each other then. My far too read into speculation is that if, in iDo, there is a Seddie slow dance (which I highly doubt, but still), or some sort of apology for what she did to Freddie, she would feel awkward around him and that would be a result of all the violence in iSell Penny-Tees, which is the episode produced right after iDo..

Yeah, if you got lost I don't blame you because I think I did too along the way. But that's how I saw iSell Penny-Tees, did you kinda notice the same thing?

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