Just wondering. When iCarly ends, are you still going to be active on this wikia? And would you switch over to the Victorious one? I mean, if you look over there, things are horribly organized. Unregistered users, too many categories, and just one big unorganized mess.

One thing I've noticed that sets this wiki apart is that it's always getting bigger, and there are many contributors and awesome admins that keep everything organized. It's really a good kind of community of people that all love iCarly, so I'm just thinking about when the series ends. Do you like Victorious as much as iCarly and do you think you'll ever grow onto it as much? I love all of Dan's shows, but none of them will be like iCarly. That's just my opinion. What about you? Also, what do you see Miranda, Jennette, Jerry, Noah, and Nathan doing post-iCarly?

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