• Iheartskandar

    Hey guys :)

    So, I've been a HUMUNGO iCarly fan ever since I saw the episode 1 promo. It's one of the most amazing shows ever, but like all good things, it has to end someday :( I hope there will be 1-2 more seasons,*FINGERS CROSSED* but I mean they're all adults now and I dunno how much longer they can play teenagers. But before iCarly ends, what are some things you want to see again/get resolved etc.?

    I would love for Freddie to end up with either Carly or Sam. Even though I'm a huge Seddie shipper, I think it could really go either way right now and I'd be beyond happy for either one of them. I also want to meet Socko! (although I dunno if anyone can live up to the standards Dan has set for him...). And I'd love to see some of the less-imp…

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  • Iheartskandar

    Introducing me :)

    April 24, 2011 by Iheartskandar

    Just wanted to say hola to my fellow iCarly wikia buds. I've only been on here since a little before iOMG, but so far you all seem fantabulous :)

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