• Ilikedanwarpboy

    iHelp Freddie Get Muscular

    iMake Sam Cry

    iHave a Music Video

    iGame Show

    iDance For Money

    iDate Sam and Freddie 2: iKiss Again

    iGet Fooled By Nevel

    iRun a New Show (two-part movie)


    iCarly gets cartoonised

    iGo on an Adventure

    iSave Seattle

    iAm a News Reporter

    iTravel to the UK

    iLove a Monster

    iMeet Nora Again

    iHire Tori Vega

    iGo Behind the Scenes

    iPromote Techfoots 2: Bigger and Better

    iLet Dingo Join the Team

    iMeet My Mother (first apperance of the Shay's mother) (1 Hour Special) (No Parts)

    iSeddie VS Creddie VS Cibby (movie)

    iGo To Japan 2:

    The iCarly Crew go to japan because they want a type of iCarly brand for the company, Nattel (parody

    'of Mattel), with dolls of them for Darbie (parody of Barbie). But secretly Nevel sneaks into the plane and tells theā€¦

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