iHelp Freddie Get Muscular

iMake Sam Cry

iHave a Music Video

iGame Show

iDance For Money

iDate Sam and Freddie 2: iKiss Again

iGet Fooled By Nevel

iRun a New Show (two-part movie)


iCarly gets cartoonised

iGo on an Adventure

iSave Seattle

iAm a News Reporter

iTravel to the UK

iLove a Monster

iMeet Nora Again

iHire Tori Vega

iGo Behind the Scenes

iPromote Techfoots 2: Bigger and Better

iLet Dingo Join the Team

iMeet My Mother (first apperance of the Shay's mother) (1 Hour Special) (No Parts)

iSeddie VS Creddie VS Cibby (movie)

iGo To Japan 2:

The iCarly Crew go to japan because they want a type of iCarly brand for the company, Nattel (parody

'of Mattel), with dolls of them for Darbie (parody of Barbie). But secretly Nevel sneaks into the plane and tells the company that he is a new member of iCarly. When they get there they first sell DVDS of new iCarly movies they made but then someone made fake DVDS and sells them with extra footage of Nevel talking about how iCarly want to teach childr'en bad things. The fake DVDS where by Nevel. Nevel goes to Japan stores to swap the real things with his fake ones. Whenever the iCarly people make new things Nevel makes fake ones of them. The the head of the company tells the iCarly people that they can't find the person who is doing this. But then the iCarly crew find a list of things about trashing them in Sam's suitcase. Then Sam stops being Carly and Freddie's friends since they won't believe Sam. Upset, Sam goes to the iWeb awards studio and cancels there spot. Then when the police go searching for the criminal they knock on Nevel's hotel room door and see him filming a fake webisode of iCarly. They then put Nevel in juvie and Nevels mother comes to collect him and sees his room and takes away his pets and his studio accesories and stops paying for his website for three years. Sam then continues and starts her own web show on her disgusting website but then Carly and Freddie come and apoligize. They don't miss the iWeb awards and start selling there proper stuff. They also sell Penny Tees which the police takes from the children that stole the tops. They also auction some special edition things they made on . This film is about 95 minutes

(hope that it will come out)

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