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ipear store after ending

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this is after ipear store ended in my dream last night

Sam: Fredbag stop

Freddie: dont call me that

Sam: omg what is wrong with you


Sam: dude im sorry.... and dont walk away when im talking to you

Freddie: (laughs) wow now your mawking me

Sam: what no im not

(Freddie stops turns around and says) yes you are i used to say that to you

Sam: oh yea when we.....dated

Freddie: seee and you know i heared you and ur right

Sam: about what

Freddie: me still loveing you

Sam: mamas always right

(they move closer they let lips touch and then carly)



Sam: Carly ummm you saw nothing

Carly: oh yes i did ur mackout party

Sam: it was 10 seconds

Freddie: i wanna stay out of this but im envolved alot so yea

Carly: ur in this to so why did you guys just kiss are you guys dateing ......again

Sam: idk are we

Freddie: well its hard to know

Carly: SHUT UP

Sam: Carls we...

Carly: dont Carls me

Freddie: Carly we really are sorry but shes the one that mintioned it in there

Carly: but you just said shes right

Freddie: you saw that

Carly: yes i saw everything

Sam: well you have no say in this so just go home and cry on that nerd guy

Carly: i cant on him but i will on spencer

Sam: fine anyone than me

(Carly runs off crying)

Freddie: little harsh

Sam: its a gift

Freddie: so are we dateing

Sam: i guess idk are we

Freddie: one very good question

(they lean in to kiss then)

Sam: wooooooooooooooohhhhhhh i heard something its my phone let me take this

Freddie: ok

Sam: it was my mom meet me at the smoothy later

Freddie: ok bye

Sam: bye ( she kisses his cheek)

Freddie: my mom is going to kill me

(later on at the groovey smoothy)

Freddie: wheres Sam

(sam walks in)

Sam: sorry im late my mom had a pimple she couldnt reach


Sam: very

Freddie:so is that all you did

Sam: no i also thought about you (said in a flirty voice)

Freddie: back atchya brown eyes

Sam: wow we were right

Freddie: about what

Sam: remember that night we broke up in the elevator we said after we were more alike we would date again and we did

Freddie: yes i do a whole lot oh and i got you a smoothy

Sam: thx awwwwww and you got my favorite kind

Freddie: yep blueberry blitz

Sam: heres another thing i......oh no

Freddie: what oh (sees carly walk in)

(carly sits down with them)

Carly: hey guys

Sam: what do you want

Carly:to say im sorry

Sam: for what

Carly: telling you who and who not you can date

Freddie: group hug

(they all hug)

Sam: i have to go to the bathroom ill brb

Carly: ok

Freddie: fine with that

Sam: ok be back in five minutes

(Carly scoots closer to freddie freddie has wierd expression on his face)

Carly: Freddie dont like her shes always been mean to you like me u always have

Freddie:no i havent

Carly: you did in 6th grade

Freddie: but not now

Carly: kiss me

Freddie:no im in love with sam

Carly: uhhh and i hope you know Sams watching

Freddie: Carly plz leave

Carly: ok fine bye

(Carly leaves and Sam walks in)

Sam: wheres Carls

Freddie: she tried to kiss me and left

Sam: that fudgebag

Freddie: for once we agree

Sam: we cant be together

Freddie: why

Sam: because Carly dont like us dateing

Freddie: cant we pretend were not dateing around Carly

Sam: will it work

Freddie: we should try

Sam: ok just for you

(Freddies phone rings)

Freddie: i should take this

Sam: ok

Freddie: yes mom we are almost done rehersing ok ill be home in 10 minutes ok bye

(Freddie hangs up phone)

Freddie: that was my mom i have to go home are you going to Carlys


Freddie: well let me escort you miss Puckett

Sam: i'd be delighted mr.Benson

(they go into bushwell talking and shareing secrets and saying how much they dislike there parents once they get there Lewburt says)

Lewburt:aww man people are on my clean floor

Sam: and do we care

Freddie: Sam dont

Lewburt: just go whereever ur going

Sam: gladley

Freddie: oooookkkkkkkkkk to Carlys and my Appartments

(they go up the elevator and reach the floor the climb out)

Freddie: you know the plan

Sam:yes ill fake cry witch with my life isnt hard to do except when seeing you

Freddie: aww see you tommorrow

(they kiss and walk into the two diffrent appartments)

Sam:hi Carls

Carly: what are you doing here

Sam: i was staying the night

Carly: not anymore so get out

Sam: ( with tears in eyes) fine ill go

(Sam runs out knocks on Freddies door)

(luckily Freddie opens the door and says)

Freddie: Sam whats wrong

Sam: Carly wont let me in her house and i have nowhere to go my moms in a bikini again

Freddie: thats not good i wish i could let you here but my mom ya know

Sam: i know u would but where will i go

(Freddie hugs her)

Freddie: didnt you use the trick on Carly saying we werent dateing

Sam: no but i didnt have time

Freddie: go back and try again, for me

Sam: for you

( they kiss and Freddie goes back in his appartment and Sam knocks on Carlys door)

(Carly opens)

Carly: what do you want

Sam: to say that me and Fredwad were never dateing

Carly: prove it

Sam: ok

(knocks on Freddies door)

Sam: get out here Fredwierd

Freddie: (walks out of appartment) what Sa... oh Carly....... well bye

Carly: were you guys ever dateing

Freddie: yes but not rescently

Sam: see we arnt and we havnt since the last time

Carly: oh Sam i trust you since theres a wittness but Freddie you said ur in love with Sam

Sam:(Sam with shocked face) that doesnt mean were dateing what if i dont love him back

Freddie: ( sorta sad face but knows Sams just makeing it seem realistic) yea

Carly: well ok Sam ready for that slumber party

Sam: yes

Freddie: you to go have fun

Carly: you can come over to

Freddie: ok

Sam: ill order pizza

Carly: lets go

(Sam orders the pizza Carly goes to her room to get pillows and blankets and Freddie cleens of the table)

Sam: Freddie do you think she really believes us

Freddie: i have no clue

Sam: lets hope

Freddie: yea

Sam: its hurting for me to call you those names

Freddie: its hard not to be so close to you

Sam: awww baby.......oh here comes carly

Freddie: oh...... act normal

Sam: that'll happen

Freddie: just act like you

Sam: gottcha

Carly:i got the pillows and blankets Sam did you order the pizza


Carly: good

Freddie: want me to go buy smoothies.

Carly and Sam: yes plz

Freddie ok types

Sam: blueberry blitz as always

Carly: same here

Freddie: ok 2 blueberry blitz's and one strawberry splat

Carly: yepurroonie

Sam: correct Fredwad

Freddie: good see ya in 10

Carly: ( in flirty voice) bye

Sam: (smiles) bye be normal

Freddie: ill try ( Freddie exits)

Carly: Sam

Sam: yea Carls

Carly:should i ask Freddie out

Sam: uhhh.... i shouldnt answer that question

Carly: why not

story scene

Sam: because

Carly: because

Sam: maybe i still have a crush on Freddie

Freddies POV

Freddie: i hope Sam hasnt killed Carly

(opens shays door)

Freddie: wheres carly

she replys: in her room

Freddie: what did u do to her oh my gosh

Sam: she started crying she wanted to ask you out and......

Freddie: Sam you dont hurt people for that

Sam: i didnt she just started crying cause i said i liked you

me: oh

(they go upstairs to Carlys room)

me: listen

(listening to carly on the phone with Wendy)

Carly: im going to get them back somehow

Carly: i knew they were fakeing

Carly: they will pay

Sam: (kicks door open) CARLY STOP

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