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  • ImmaFatCake

    Hey guys! So obviously from the fanfictions and other stories you people write on here, I bet there are some good writers out there that have some creative ideas! Well, then I have something that might interest you.

    Clark TV. My online-based "TV network" where I put different shows. I write shows for it, but I am also letting other people contribute to Clark TV! So if there are any writers out there, then this might be something good for you! Especially if you want to get more recognition!

    The reason why I call this "TV" is because these aren't little stories. These are literally TV shows, just online. Each episode has a different plot. Not like books or anything. It might be a different format then what you are used to, but try it out! I al…

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  • ImmaFatCake

    Sad To Say, But...

    June 11, 2012 by ImmaFatCake

    I think that iCarly has jumped the shark. If you don't know what "jumped the shark" means, it's when a show hits this point where the best has happened and the show starts to go downhill. I know, it's sad. But it's true.

    I still love iCarly. It will always have a place in my heart. But it's just not the same as it used to be. Season 1 - 3 were generally great episodes. Season 4 (eps 71 - 83) were also pretty nice, but not as good as Season 3. Then Season 5 rolled around (episodes 84 - 94) with the Seddie arc. I enjoyed the Seddie arc, but after that the writing seemed weaker. Other than iStill Physco, #405 - 411 were just weak. And Season 5 started the Guest Star Era.

    • Defenition of Guest Star Era - A group of iCarly episodes that seemed to rea…
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  • ImmaFatCake

    Welcome to MAKE MY CAPTION! Post a gif or a still photo without words, and see what your fellow iCarly Wiki friends write as a caption to the picture! You can even write a caption too!

    For Example:

    "But iCarly can't end! What will I ever do without Seddie?!"


    1) You can ship (like the example above), but no ship warring like "Boo! Creddie sucks!!!" That's a no-no.

    Have fun!

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  • ImmaFatCake

    Hey everyone. I'm writing this blog to talk about the recent decline in viewership. I want to break it down into parts though, so below you'll see a graph with the episodes from Season 3 - iHalfoween, with the seasons following the iTunes seasons:

    During Season 3, iCarly was really at the top of it's game, and that goes for Season 4 too. Between those 33 episodes, only 2 episodes were under 4 million views, and none were under 3.5 million, which is pretty amazing! iLost My Mind premiered at a lower-than expected special, but it was still good. iDate Sam and Freddie had a strangely low amount, iCan't Take It picked it up again, but then iLove You happened. Since the iLove You promo didn't talk about problems in Freddie and Sam's relationship…

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  • ImmaFatCake

    Before I start talking about the problem at hand, please respect my opinions and take them into consideration, and I will return the favor. The last thing I want is an iCarly Wiki civil war, so let's all try to be nice.

    So first off about the 2xx production split, I believe it was in-fact a season split. Some proof:

    And before you say that Dan doesn't know what he's talking about, it is obviously shown that there was a split.

    Now everyone (mostly everyone, I should say), can agree that iGot A Hot Room - iParty With Victorious was part of Season 4 at least. I personally have thought of Season 4 being iGAHR - iPWV. Mainly because of iTunes iCarly Volume 5 and the Septe…

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