Hey guys! So obviously from the fanfictions and other stories you people write on here, I bet there are some good writers out there that have some creative ideas! Well, then I have something that might interest you.

Clark TV. My online-based "TV network" where I put different shows. I write shows for it, but I am also letting other people contribute to Clark TV! So if there are any writers out there, then this might be something good for you! Especially if you want to get more recognition!

The reason why I call this "TV" is because these aren't little stories. These are literally TV shows, just online. Each episode has a different plot. Not like books or anything. It might be a different format then what you are used to, but try it out! I also want movies to "air" on it, so that could be a nice alternative for people who want to write more of a story then episodes.

All of the information you need is here on this blog on the official Clark TV Wiki.

Feel free to also browse the Wiki while you are there. Please note that it is still under construction.

Any questions? Leave a comment or contact me through the Clark TV Wiki!

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