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My Views On: Season Splits

Before I start talking about the problem at hand, please respect my opinions and take them into consideration, and I will return the favor. The last thing I want is an iCarly Wiki civil war, so let's all try to be nice.

So first off about the 2xx production split, I believe it was in-fact a season split. Some proof:

And before you say that Dan doesn't know what he's talking about, it is obviously shown that there was a split.

Now everyone (mostly everyone, I should say), can agree that iGot A Hot Room - iParty With Victorious was part of Season 4 at least. I personally have thought of Season 4 being iGAHR - iPWV. Mainly because of iTunes iCarly Volume 5 and the September 2011 "new season" commercials. Some proof for commercials: and proof for iTunes:

So here is how I have pictured the Seasons:

Season Episodes Premiere Ep Finale Ep Prod Code

25 (1-25)

iPilot iHave A Lovesick Teacher 1xx
2 25 (25-50) iSaw Him First iFight Shelby Marx 2xx
3 20 (51-70) iThink They Kissed iBeat The Heat
4 13 (71-83) iGot A Hot Room iParty With Victorious 3xx

11+ (84 - )

iLost My Mind (The Last Episode) 4xx 5xx

Yes, for some reason, I thought that since 4xx is/was considered the 5th Season, that the last episodes would be added to it. 11 episodes is way too short for a Season, even for Dan. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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