Hey everyone. I'm writing this blog to talk about the recent decline in viewership. I want to break it down into parts though, so below you'll see a graph with the episodes from Season 3 - iHalfoween, with the seasons following the iTunes seasons:


During Season 3, iCarly was really at the top of it's game, and that goes for Season 4 too. Between those 33 episodes, only 2 episodes were under 4 million views, and none were under 3.5 million, which is pretty amazing! iLost My Mind premiered at a lower-than expected special, but it was still good. iDate Sam and Freddie had a strangely low amount, iCan't Take It picked it up again, but then iLove You happened. Since the iLove You promo didn't talk about problems in Freddie and Sam's relationship, not many viewers watched to see the breakup. That was the first time episode viewership went under 4 million since 18 months earlier. From there, ratings kept getting worse. iStill Physco only got 5.5 million, and iMeet The First Lady only 4.3. Then Season 6 (5xx) started with a weak IApril Fools, better but not as well as expected iGOD, and plumeting iOAR and iHalfoween. In between the 12 most recent episodes, the 5 lowest watched episodes happened.

So what's happening?

1) Internet TV. I use the internet to watch shows like many others do, and if Nielsen doesn't take that into account, Cable TV will slowly lose views.

2) A Long Run Always Ends. People are moving on. I started watching iCarly when I was 9. Now I'm 14, so people are moving on from iCarly, and younger kids are more interested in Cartoon Network and Disney shows targeted at a younger audience now.

iBloop 2 should've never aired at 7 PM on a Wednesday, and promo's need to be longer. How To Rock will not be a sucess in my opinion, so I think Nick needs to do 2 things.

1) Stop combining promo's. 10 seconds is not enough time to show what an episode really is about.

2) Advertise before. Don't wait until the week before to advertise a special episode like iApril Fools and iGOD. The more the promo airs, the better chance of more people seeing it, and the better chance of more viewers. Advertise the next promo after the new episode airs. Most people won't watch HTR only for a promo for iCarly at the end. That's why I check back here.

In total, I will watch iCarly until the end, but I hope this gives a little insight to why these ratings have been dropping. Let's hope iCarly can step up it's game before it jumps the shark. :) RandomPerson246

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