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iStill Psycho - Awesome!!!

All I can say is, awesome!

Dan, you've redeemed yourself! Somehow, you have managed to turn a sequel of a Crazy episode even better than the first! When I first heard abotu this episode, I thought to myself, won't it pretty much be the same thing again? Well, iStill Psycho changes things up to make it even better! Spencer trapped too, Mrs. Benson and T-Bo to rescue, and of course Nora's crazy parents! This is how I rated the episode:

Humor: 10/10

Storyline: 9/10

Guest Star Appreciation: 9/10

Meeting Standards: 10/10

Overall Rating: 10/10

Total: 48/50 + 96%

This episode could probably not have been any better! Let's hope this is kept up, along with Victorious!

BTW, the guest star appreciation is becuase I like it when guest stars are involved in much of the plot. They were in this!

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