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August 19, 2010
  • I live in The Netherlands
  • I was born on August 10
  • My occupation is Being me
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  • Ire flowa222


    August 21, 2011 by Ire flowa222

    I'm back from my break! (should've said that -_-)

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  • Ire flowa222

    Okay so i have heard alot of people saying: SEDDIE HAZ TO HAPPENZ IT IZ DA ONLY POZZIBILLYTI RIHT NOW

    Well....... WRONG!

    Although i am a Seddie fan i have to disagree with all of these comments, because Creddie still has a chance....... Dan is a genius, face it, although this might be immpossible... even if Seddie happens he could turn it all around: Breaking up, Freddie falling in love with Carly (or a crush) and make them date.... Think PEOPLE! Dan can make anything happen! He is one of the writers! He created the show! NOT YOU! Nobody knows what's gonna happen...... face it...... you don't know, i don't know, nobody here knows.... except Dan..... Creddie still has a chance.... Seddie might have more development but anything happen people!…

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  • Ire flowa222

    Okay peeps, since there was already a Rate ya Usaname! I made a second one :D .

    I wil rate your username from 1 to 15!

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  • Ire flowa222

    Many of us know the plot right now..... although it could be fake..... but some think Sam and Brad will get together.... but no that ain't gonna happen.... Sam had various crushes.... well 3 including Brad.... and we never saw that those Relationships were permanent! Now to make a point....

    1. Dan is a Seddie Shipper..... he would never let anyone else get together

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  • Ire flowa222

    OK peeps, we all heard that the episode IOMG! Is real, very very real! Now for the Seddie shippers ONLY! Seddie has a big chance of happening...... and since Dan said it might change our lives..... It might be because Seddie is going to happen! And the singing into microphones scene since ISAFW.... many of us say it might be a scene future scene in IPWV! Well...... maybe because Seddie happend! Maybe that's why Freddie put him arm around Sam?! HMMMMMMMMMMMMM???? What do you guys think?

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