Okay so i have heard alot of people saying: SEDDIE HAZ TO HAPPENZ IT IZ DA ONLY POZZIBILLYTI RIHT NOW

Well....... WRONG!

Although i am a Seddie fan i have to disagree with all of these comments, because Creddie still has a chance....... Dan is a genius, face it, although this might be immpossible... even if Seddie happens he could turn it all around: Breaking up, Freddie falling in love with Carly (or a crush) and make them date.... Think PEOPLE! Dan can make anything happen! He is one of the writers! He created the show! NOT YOU! Nobody knows what's gonna happen...... face it...... you don't know, i don't know, nobody here knows.... except Dan..... Creddie still has a chance.... Seddie might have more development but anything happen people! I hope you think about this.....

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