• Isa1200

    Hey ! :)

    so we are all really excited to see the IDS&F promo ! So what do you think the promo will be like?

    Maybe like this :)

    Random voice: you guys were all ready to say... OMG

    • the iOMG kiss*

    RV: but get ready to say more OMG ,

    Carly ( random) OMG!

    Gibby : random) OMG!

    Spencer : YEAh!

    Gibby's duck* very Random * : quekk!

    In.. I date Sam .. And Freddie

    C: ( like she don't knkw about the situation) c'mon guys we going to that new restaurant tonight

    S and F standing awkward

    RV: but Carly plays sick that night

    you guys * cough* have to go yourselves

    S and F : what!?

    C : I made the reservation yesterday!! Sorry guys.. * cough* have fun!

    Carly smiles*

    Sam and Freddie sitting awkwardly next to each other when they are in the purple restaurant

    f : so.. Purple huh…

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  • Isa1200

    iOMG :) !

    March 28, 2011 by Isa1200

    Hey everyone, this is my first blog post .

    so, I'm going to talk about the upcoming excited amazing Seddie episode iOMG!

    my specteculation :

    well, I have read many spectaculations , so I pick something that I agree with :)

    some specteculations in the promo in my oppinion :

    '''everyone can see Sam isn't in love with Brad, but she is in love with Freddie. she was really sad because Carly thinks that Sam is in love with Brad , but nobody can see she's is in love with Fredward.

    She will never gonna tell she is in love with him, because she thinks he never gonna like her back as she does.

    And she thinks Carly will freak out if she tells her . poor sam. ..

    At that moment when freddie is with his laptop . he got a text on his phone ( did ya see that? ) . m…

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