Hey ! :)

so we are all really excited to see the IDS&F promo ! So what do you think the promo will be like?

Maybe like this :)

Random voice: you guys were all ready to say... OMG

  • the iOMG kiss*

RV: but get ready to say more OMG ,

Carly ( random) OMG!

Gibby : random) OMG!

Spencer : YEAh!

Gibby's duck* very Random * : quekk!

In.. I date Sam .. And Freddie

C: ( like she don't knkw about the situation) c'mon guys we going to that new restaurant tonight

S and F standing awkward

RV: but Carly plays sick that night

you guys * cough* have to go yourselves 

S and F : what!?

C : I made the reservation yesterday!! Sorry guys.. * cough* have fun!

Carly smiles*

Sam and Freddie sitting awkwardly next to each other when they are in the purple restaurant

f : so.. Purple huh?

S : it's .. Nice

RV: But Carly has a plan!

  • Gibby and Carly flashes on the screen at another moment

C we going to spy

G spying at who?


RV : and what will happen between sam and freddie?


F : sign* Sam..

  • Sam and Freddie looking at each other*

f we need to talk ..

C * still spying * this is gonna be so good! * smirks *

find out in the brand new icarly , June 4th ( We all don't know what the airdate is, but hope it's June 4th )

Only on NICK.


So, what do you guys think ? :D

I know it's not really good XD


Btw, this was my second blog post hope you guys like it.

Sorry for badly English sometimes!

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