Hey everyone, this is my first blog post .

so, I'm going to talk about the upcoming excited amazing Seddie episode iOMG!

my specteculation :

well, I have read many spectaculations , so I pick something that I agree with :)

some specteculations in the promo in my oppinion :

'''everyone can see Sam isn't in love with Brad, but she is in love with Freddie. she was really sad because Carly thinks that Sam is in love with Brad , but nobody can see she's is in love with Fredward.

She will never gonna tell she is in love with him, because she thinks he never gonna like her back as she does.

And she thinks Carly will freak out if she tells her . poor sam. ..

At that moment when freddie is with his laptop . he got a text on his phone ( did ya see that? ) . maybe it was Sam : hey freddie, I want to talk to you or something , or it was

Carly : hey freddie, i can see Sam is really sad today , I think she will not admit she is in love with Brad! I know she is in love with him, but she will not say it! can you talk to her, please for me??

or sam texted to freddie she likes him ? ( maybe is that moment after the talk) .

okay , next we have seen in promo the serious converstion between Sam and Freddie

freddie: I know it's scary to put your feelings out there

cause you don't know if the person you like , is gonna like you back

but you never know what might happen ( aww , he said that so warm and sweet *.* )

I really hope she will admit her feelings for him !

things that maybe can happen :

*-sam: .. well .. Thanks for help.. but I can't say it, walks away

* sam: * kisses freddie *

*Sam Is not gonna say anything, and freddie will hug Sam and he will say she can anything say to him

* freddie and sam talking a bit more after that .

*Sam will hug freddie , and then she looks in his eyes and they will lean in for a kiss ( and then Carly will run in and will say: OMG! , lol jk jk. I hope that's not gonna happen xD ) and they kissing :)

It's not reaaly good but it is my fist blogpost . so .. What do you guys think??

isa1200 :)

- Sorry for my bad English , I'm Dutch !

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