• ItsDuncanTdi

    Guys, I might be leaving icarly wikia and deleting my account. Some of u guys want me to stay, and some dont want me to stay. So this is the 2012 Stay Or Not choice awards. Read the instructions:

    1. Think if I should stay or not

    2. Write a comment below. Say "DG" if u don't want me to go. Say "FS" if u want me to leave.

    3. The awards will be held at my wiki, MoarKrabs wiki to see what got the most votes. Go on chat

    This will begin September 15, 2012. This will be at 4:30p.m to 5:00. Held in MoarKrabs wiki chat, no purchase necessary.

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  • ItsDuncanTdi

    Birthday in 2 months.

    August 21, 2012 by ItsDuncanTdi

    Hey Everybody, As you I'll know my birthday is on October 17. So this is my birthday list I want

    1. Be a mod on here

    Sorry, it's just 1. I wanna be a mod on here so badly.

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  • ItsDuncanTdi

    When the series ends in November 25, 2012 in the Episode iGoodbye, will the website be deleting also? My friends say to me if it will be deleting and I said "Dont know". One of my friends says he was looking on google and he say a romour that the iCarly website will shut down in January. I don't believe it, but I saw the website at his house. It could be true or not. Well like my mom says, people say weird things on the Internet. I believe her. I saw a romour it will end after iGoodbye. I don't want the website to end. I would glad if u leave a message to me. Till me if the iCarly website is ending or not. Thx for your time. -ItsDuncanTdi iCarly Website

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