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  • Itzxlucy

    Taking a break

    September 9, 2011 by Itzxlucy

    Well, I never thought I'd make one of these blogs, because they're stupid, but it's mostly just let people know what's going on. So I'm like crazy addicted to chat, I don't even do anything on the actual wiki anymore, and it's keeping me from properly doing my work for college and stuff. Also, things have been kind of crazy on there, especially last night and I really think it would be best if I stayed away for a little bit.

    So after this weekend, I'm giving my password to another user, you know who you are, and making them change it and not tell me what it is, therefore I can't get on even if I want to haha. I'll be back soon, this definitely isn't forever I really just need to focus on school and real life.



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  • Itzxlucy

    Chat Drama

    August 13, 2011 by Itzxlucy

    This is evidence for the Admins, and for people who were there, or don't believe of because @artie told some lie about what we said about him. You won't understand if you weren't there, so don't bother asking haha. It's really long and it's the full thing, so feel free to just scroll through.

    Artieandtinaforeva has joined the chat. 10:17 SeddieAddictedEvaline Nothing, nothing *cough* xP 10:17 Candycoateddoom @eva grrrr 10:17 Artieandtinaforeva Hello! Can I speak to a nearby Admin! 10:17 PrinceBenson23 Bad Eva 10:17 MaryanHPotterFan98 Where's everyone? 10:17 ILoveSeddie1234321 IM AN ADMIN 10:17 Itzxlucy hiii 10:17 ILoveSeddie1234321 SPEAK TO ME 10:18 Artieandtinaforeva BTW- I love your name The AVPM Hermonie Granger. 10:18 PrinceBenson23 no …

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  • Itzxlucy

    Reality Check

    August 11, 2011 by Itzxlucy

    Okay so I’ve sat quietly for a while now and I really just can’t anymore. This wikia is way out of hand, and it needs stop. Everyone needs a big reality check, because honestly it’s been absolutely ridiculous here lately and I really can’t take it anymore. Everyone is uptight, easily upset, jumping at each other’s throats, and really just mean. And over what? A freaking tv show.

    I think there are some big problems with the wiki that need to be fixed; one is the creddie vs seddie problem going on. Seriously guys, we aren’t separate species, and most people are acting like we are. I know slick got crap for saying this but this while “Creddie stays on their page, Seddie stays on theirs, everyone stay on their own blogs” is borderline discrimi…

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  • Itzxlucy

    Harry Potter Ships

    July 17, 2011 by Itzxlucy

    I know this is iCarly but in honor of Harry Potter just coming out, I want to know what's everyones favorite Harry Potter ships! I would ask least favorite, but that could lead to ship warring. Everyones so worried about iCarly ships like, Seddie vs Creddie, so let's talk about a new one.

    My favorites in order:

    1. Ron/Hermione- (They'll always be my favorite ship overall from any fandom)

    2. Sirius/Remus- (I know you're thinking, "What!?" Read fanfictions of them, it's incredible. For some reason I've loved them for forever, I think they're perfect.)

    3. Rose/Scorpius- (I love how JK hinted towards them, imagine that, the malfoy and weasley family combining)

    (1-3 are the ones that I actually ship, from here down are ones that I just find interest…

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  • Itzxlucy

    So a while ago I posted a blog asking what you're favorite ships are

    Now I want to know what you're favorite ships are IN ORDER, so put it in order of most favorite to least favorite (not necessarily the ones you don't like just the ones you don't like as much as the other ones). It doesn't have to be iCarly, it can be from any fandom, but if you're favorite is iCarly then add them. Add as many as you want! (:

    Heres Mine:

    1. Ron/Hermione (Harry Potter) (At the moment their not my absolute favorite, it's seddie, but they're my all time favorite, and will always been special in my heart. I've been rooting for them since I was 12, I'm 18 now.)

    2. Sam/Freddie (iCarly)

    3. Remus…

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