So this is for the Creddiers who still insist that Seddie isn't bigger, and that just not all Creddiers go on this website. I looked through google at polls or other website and Seddie is bigger than Creddie on EVERY website. So you guys might just say that Creddiers don't use the internet? My theory is that if there is more creddiers out there they're young kids, older ones usually like Seddie. At school I don't know anyone who likes Creddie. So if this is exceedingly rude I apologize, I just think it's stupid when Creddiers still argue that Seddie isn't bigger when it just is, there's not getting around it.

(81% Seddie 19% Creddie)

1558 most popular deviations of all time for seddie

296 most popular deviations of all time for creddie

(art results for deviantart)

Overall there are 5,580 romance genre stories for icarly on fanfiction.

3,616 of those stories are seddie.

That means only 1,964 are stories about couples besides seddie.

Out of those 1,964 stories, only 513 are Creddie.

There are 3,103 more seddie stories than creddie stories.

I’m not going to keep looking up random websited because I’m getting bored haha, but heres another prime example THIS website.

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