Here's my second attempt at writing this blog, it deleted last time haha.

So I've posted this like multiple times now, but apparently no one listens to me because people are still freaking out about Creddie in iOMG/Miranda's tweet, so I'm gonna try and explain why Creddie will not be happening in iOMG and why Miranda's tweet doesn't matter. This isn't because I prefer Seddie over Creddie, I think any Creddier would agree with this too.

First, Creddie will not happen in iOMG because this episode is about SAM. It's her episode about her relationships, not about Carly getting a boyfriend. Creddie getting together would not fit the plot at all, and there wouldn't be any time to develop it when it's about Sam and her problems. Dan wouldn't make it that Sam admits she loves Freddie then have Carly burst in claiming she loves Freddie too, or have Sam admit she loves Freddie then have Freddie turn her down for Carly, that would be cruel. Also, Dan said this episode would make everyone happy, that would just make everyone furious.

Possible relationship outcomes for iOMG:



No one.

Now about Miranda's tweet. So what if Miranda is a Creddie fan? Do you know why she's a Creddie fan? Because she plays Carly! Creddie is about her character! If Creddie happened she would get the screen time/storyline. Just like Jennette probably likes Seddie because she plays Sam. Nathan probably doesn't care at all. Think logically, if you were an actor on a tv show, which ship would you support the one that had to do with your character or the one that had nothing do with your character? I'd pick the one that had to do with my character because I get the screen time/attention. Yes, it's selfish, but it's their jobs. Also, Miranda doesn't base every episode that she likes on whether Creddie happens or not, she can base it on the quality on the episode. Honestly, they probably all don't even care that much, because they're the actors, and seddie/creddie is only a small part of the show. Even if she was a die hard Creddie fan it wouldn't matter because who writes the show? Not Jennette, or Nathan, or Jerry, or Noah, and certainly not Miranda. DAN write it. So which ship the actors like doesn't matter at all.

So hopefully this will help everyone calm down, because honestly you guys are ruining the hype of the show, we wan't to be excited not depressed. So please calm down!

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