iCarly episode, iOMG.

I think Seddie would happen on iCarly. This blog will tell you why.

Why do I think Seddie will happen? I think Seddie will happen because it is revealed in iOMG that Sam is in love with Freddie. There will be a sequel to iOMG called iDate Sam and Freddie. Freddie will tell Sam how he feels about that unexpected kiss. if Freddie feels the same way Sam does, Seddie will happen.

It is said that there are more Seddie shippers than Creddie shippers. If iCarly wants more viewers, they will write an episode where Seddie happens. If they have more viewers, they will get more money. To get money is pretty much the point of iCarly.

It is so obvious Seddie will happen by the name of the title, iDate Sam and Freddie. It is obvious because the title points out that the episode has something to do with dating and Sam and Freddie.

That is why I think Seddie will happen.

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