Hey guys, I'm JANuary, I'm 6 and I'm Seddie fan,but I live with 5 Creddie shipper siblings and a baby Creddie shipper in training, who all call me "A Crazy genius" because I ship Seddie,4 friends who ship Creddie and 1 friend who ships Spam,Cibby and Felanie. DID I MENTION MY WHOLE FAMILY SHIPS CREDDIE EVEN MY TWIN SISTER AND MY 2 AND HALF YEAR OLD SISTER! OMG, Now they' trained our 9 month old baby sister to like Creddie by showing her pictures of Creddie since it was her first word But it kinda sounds like "KEDDIE".BTW, now she cries when I show her seddie pictures and giggles when show her Creddie pictures O_O. Anybody got It worst than me? - JANuary

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