October 9, 2011 by JMCSeddieISRAEL

    So, I decided to make a blog of quotes.

    I'm gonna write my 5 favourite quotes, and you'll do the same in the comments. :P

    I know, it's lame, but I'm bored. xD

    5th place: Carly: "What have I told you about kidnapping?" Sam: "It's illegal and rude..." Carly: "Good girl." Some episode in the 1st season, I don't really remember what episode it was on...

    4th place: "I'm a CUBIS MAN! BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM!" Cat, Rex Dies

    3rd place: "I'm gonna get my boobs!" Spencer, iLost My Mind

    2nd place: "BOOMBA!" Sam, iParty With Victorious

    And... on the 1st place... "I just wanna hold a koala. I don't care if they're violent, I don't care if it's gonna scratch my eyes out, I wanna hold it, cause it's fuzzy." Jennette, in the Australian Kids Choice Awards 2011.


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    The biggest question of all is WHY?!

    Just think how fun this wiki will be without ship warring!

    We could all be just a big family....

    The ship warring is actually the biggest reason why I was leaving the wiki.

    Most of the people who left the wiki left it because of the same reason...

    Seddiers and Creddiers should just get along. So does Cibbiers and Sibbiers and Spamers and other ships.

    Please comment and let me know what you think...

    JMCSeddieISRAEL 18:29, October 6, 2011 (UTC) Boomba! I win. :)

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    I'm kind of sure no one will comment on this blog, but I'm still writing it.

    I MIGHT leave the iCarly wiki, cause... no one really cares about me, except for like 3 people I think...

    I just don't have anything to do on here. :\

    And... it's also the whole Creddie\Seddie thing... It's like every popular blog is about Seddie or Creddie...

    Of course there were some people who wrote about another things, but people keep posting blogs about Seddie and Creddie... and they keep becoming popular.

    This whole ship warring freaks me out. Why can't you just enjoy iCarly WITHOUT Seddie, Creddie, Cibby, Sibby or Spam?

    Yes, I'm a Seddie shipper, but I didn't freak out when they broke up. Yes, I was sad, but I didn't start writing about it ON EVERY BLOG OF MINE.

    If al…

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    I guess lots of us watched iDate Sam & Freddie, right? So, anyway, I know this episode got lots of reviews. Many people think it was awkward, because of the fact that Sam and Freddie were OOC. Also, many people said that they didn't like how Sam and Freddie always asked Carly for help. OOOOORRRR Because of Spencer's funny parts. Of course, you can't forget Cibby. Many people also liked the episode becase of Cibby.

    Sooo, I wanna know what do you think of the episode. Please comment below. :)

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    Ok, so I guess lots of you watched iLost My Mind. Well, now, I wanna know if you liked it. I just wanna like... you know, share feelings. Just comment and write if you liked the episode, why, and what was your favorite part.

    My feelings:

    I LOVED the episode. I mean, the Seddie kiss, Jim Parsons, Spencer dressing up as Pam... it was hilarious!

    My favorite parts are the last scene, all the scenes Jim is at, and the part where Spencer is acting like Pam. xD

    I also think that Creddiers should like this episode. I mean, ok, so Seddie happened, but think about the funny things. Jim, Spencer, Gibby... just think about it.

    Yep, so those are my feelings. Now tell everybody else YOUR feelings! Just comment over here!

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