Ok, so those are my thoughts

Sam and Freddie

about iLost My Mind:

At the first scene, Freddie and Sam will just say 'Goodbye' to eachother, and go home. Carly will stay near the window, acting like she saw nothing. The day after, Sam and reddie will talk about the kiss, and Sam will say that she loves Freddie, and he'll ask her on a date. After Freddie asks Sam on a date, Carly goes to them and tell them about what she saw, and they told her they love eachother, and they're gonna go on a date. Carly is freakin' out, and hugs both of them. When they're at the date, they're not talking about the kiss. When they're back home, they're kissing eachother and then Freddie goes to his appartment, and Sam goes to Carly's appartment. Like we seen on the promo, Carly's with them, and that's why Sam will go to Carly's appartment. The day after, Sam will be confused about her love to Freddie, and she'll talk about it with Carly. Sam is also talking about it with Freddie, and she tells him that she don't know if this relationship could keep going. At the end, Sam will shout the phrase: "Did I lost MY MIND?!" and that'll be the end of the episode.

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