Guess what! It's summer, and I have nothing to do, so I decided to make a True/False post... Yep. I'm bored. Post your answers on the comments! And btw, if your answer is FALSE then you need to write what's the truth. (Not in ALL the questions. There's only one question which is false and you don't need to tell what's the truth.) Enjoy! :)

1. On iOMG, Sam told Carly that if she wants to make her happy, then she should bake her a PIE. True/False

2. Carly is 15. True/False

3. Seddie's official color is blue. True/False

4. On one of the iCarly episodes they made a little boy DRINK spaghetti with meatballs. True/False

5. There was an episode called iLove My Brother. True/False

6. Sam's fav food is fish sticks. True/False

7. Spencer has a scoplture made of Yo - Yo's. True/False

8. The Shay's appartment got 3 floors. True/False

9. Sam lives in the same building as Carly and Freddie live in.

10. Freddie got a Penny-T with the phrase "Fries Matter"

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