• JadeCat13

    Has anybody noticed that Dan loves makeing fun of us? Not like mean or anything but you get it right. The whole episode iStart A FanWar was about that. Not just the ships but the remote. How were so carefull and spot everything and often nitpick and stuff. Plus he diden't just talk about ships in iStart A Fan War he did on in Freddie's blog.

    It read this


    Pam Puckett was arrested for starting a riot! She announced that I was dating her daughter (which I'm NOT) in order to get a discount at the Pear Store and a bunch of crazy Creddie fans went bananas!

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  • JadeCat13


    March 11, 2011 by JadeCat13

    This is not to start a ship war by any means! It's me talking about how i feel and trying to see if other people feel this way. Were not debating the ships just talking about them.

    Maybe I'm werid and the only one with this problem. Some many people (acually everbody I've seen) seems to know the ship they want. Even though it's not like waring it's still a die hard want for the ship. But it seems to me like every other week i change my mind. First was Creddie. Then I was Seddie. Now I think i'm Creddie romantic and Seddie as friends. But a huge part of me wants Seddie to happen as a couple. I know that means i'm a nutral shipper but i don't want to be. Nothing wrong with just, I feel like part of the fun of Wikis and shows is shipping thing…

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