Before you answer, please take this section into consideration. Please don't make your answers Creddie or Seddie based. I want your answers based on personality. Not ships.

My favorite character is Sam. She's awesome-ly awesome. I love her she's funny, wild, crazy, and very good looking. Carly compared Sam is very, very, very, boring. I don't like her, in my opinion. Don't flame me.

Now this is where I explain why I like Carly less-er than Sam. Carly cleans her everyday, just kidding. Carly's PERFECT. She gets on my nerves. Carly is also very bratty and spoiled. Example in iLook Alike, when she was talking to Spencer. Dialouge below:

Carly: [Screaming] Right when you stopped giving what I wanted!

So you guys can leave your comment of what you think.

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