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Fanon: Jen

Jane75 June 30, 2012 User blog:Jane75

Jennifer "Jen" Puckett is a made-up character who is Sam Puckett's cousin. She escaped Juvie and came to Seattle to see her family. Like Sam, Jen is tomboyish, has been arrested, and loves Fat Cakes. Unlike Sam, Jen enjoys school and feels sorry she can't be there because of getting arrested twice.


Jen is less aggressive than Sam, however she still is a little aggressive, e.g. when she kicks and punches people. Jen is fairly smart, and studies for exams despite avoiding other kind of school work. She often improvises when a teacher gives an assinement when she should be presenting it.

Unlike Sam, Jen knows very little about technology as she only barely nkows how to use a computer and a Pearpad phone. She sometimes asks Sam, Carly or Freddie to explain a thing or to, which is mostly a waste of time because (especilly when Freddie explains) Jen doesn't still undrstand.

Similarly to Sam, Jen loves food.

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