• Jennette123

    I ship...........

    September 26, 2013 by Jennette123

    I will give a character's name. Then I will give a list of pairings. The first one is my favorite, the last one would be OK, ones not listed are not okay.


    Sam and Carly

    Sam and Cat

    Sam and Freddie

    Sam and Gibby

    Sam and Spencer


    Carly and Sam

    Carly and Spencer

    Carly and Freddie


    freedie and sam

    freddie and gibby

    freddie and t-bo


    mrs. benson and sam's mom

    mrs benson and tbo

    mrs benson and carly's granddad


    nora and "the popular girl"

    nora and freddie

    nora and carly

    that's all folks! Post in the comments a charcter you would like to see shipped by me and I'll put them on my next blogpost.

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