• Jennette6fan

    heey guys .. so i was thinking, if you guys were the writers for icarly and you could make up your own episode what whould it be about ? seddie..? creddie.. ? what whould happen. i think they should do and episode were carly sam and freddie get there drivers licences and call it idrive.. or somthing or and prom episode ! :D (seddie) ;) so what whould you guys like to see in seson 5 of icarly ??? comment !

    - jennette6fan

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  • Jennette6fan

    heey guys, this is my first blog post so it is probaly realy sucky but i hope you like it :) thisis what i think will happen in iomg part 2 (or idate sam and freddie) or what ever there going to call it .. ! it starts off with were iomg left off so here it is i hope you like it .. ! :)


    freddie: its cool ..

    freddie still looking shocked stands there wondering what happend, sam looks around the room like she was about to cry and finaly runs out. carly still in the widow looking shocked and trying to gather up all the info on what just happpend runs outside ..

    carly: FREDDIE !

    freddie: sa sam just .. ?

    freddie mumbled still standing there with his arms still by his side

    carly: you have to go find sam !

    freddie: do you know were she whent ?


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