Carly, in my eyes, has gotten annoying over the years. I mean..the whole show has changed drastically. But Carly just seems so unfunny to me now. I mean sure, she can be funny at times. Who can't? But she's not as enjoyable as she used to be, sadly, and hopefully this new season that we're just getting into well make her a little more likable to me. :)


There are no words that could ever describe my love for this character. Sam has this rough exterior..when she's actually this vulnerable girl who can easily be hurt. She's just so deep to me and she's absolutley gorgeous in my eyes. I love Sam!! :D


Sadly, Freddie has become annoying as well. I mean..he's still likable..but I miss that cute nerd that had this obsessive mother. He just seems so grown up now. /:


I will forever, no matter what, always love Spencer. He's just the type of character that I could never hate because he just has this amazing sense of humor that I love. He brings life to this show and I just love him <3


I like that the producers have made him more relevant to the show...but what I don't like is that he has annoying and pointless storylines. I mean, Iove Gibby, but I miss the old Gibby. He was just so little and adorable<3 Now he's all grown up </3

So those were just my opinions on the main characters of the show. Feel free to comment :D

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