now,as you people all know freddie hates sam and sam hates freddie.but did you know they kissed first?!?!?![not creddie]now it all started like this:freddie and sam both hated eachother for a long time.and then the story bigins when carly and sam went to the movie and saw "the first kiss"(they hated it)then they went upstairs to discuss the nex video for icarly,then freddie comes in,holding a earlier sam pulleda prank a freddie(she put a dead fish in his locker)then freddie wanted payback,so he hancuffed sam and gibby together!!now sam wants payback(a lot)anyways back to freddie holding a bat,so freddie asked how themovie was and the girls said "grows"or something like that.then sam asked who was carly's first kiss.carly said"ben hubsher,he kissed me under a kumcuat tree,and his lips taste like potato salad"and sam asked if it was good,and she meant the potato salad then she told her first kiss wich was"mine was at a cuttlefish a portapotty"(forgot the name)freddie said it was so romantic and now sam can't stop thiking about potato salad and asked if the mart in the corner was sitll open.then she grabed freddie's just when sam left carly asked freddie who was HIS first kiss and he said...............................nobodynow right before he said that the camera turned to sam and she said"ugh,i need money from other people"then the camera was upstairs in the studio.THEN freddie told he never kissed,you think sam was still downstairs.............wrong,she overheard freddie telling carly he never kissed anyone yet!that was sam's payback!!later they started fillming icarly and you know what happened?you guessed it,sam told the whole world who wtches icarly that...............freddie's never kissed a girl,not once!!and now people are teasing freddie back at their they needed to do icarly and sam reaveles another secret.......she hasen't kissed anyone either.wich means she has fellings for freddie if she didn't say she never kissed anyone yet,she has NO fellings for freddie.but she did!!!<3now freddie was in the teres.when sam knocked on the door.and fre
Seddie no.1

this is the kissing scene in ikiss

ddie letted her in(sorry about let)and she told freddie she was sorry.and just to get it over with(the first kiss)freddie tought they should kiss just to get it over with.for about 8 seconds they were donethen freddie said "ihateyou"because earlier freddie said it'll be to wierd if sam didn't insult is a pic offreddie and sam in ikiss ------------------>

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