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  • Jennetteswagg

    Penny T Ideas

    April 23, 2011 by Jennetteswagg

    I've been thinking of some Penny T names and been wanting to share them. :) What are some Penny T names you guys have?

    Some of mine are:

    LightSaber Dog

    Soap Clown

    Bubble Booty

    Cat Relish

    Nutty Butty

    Pink Idiot

    Daddy Momma

    Noodle Poodle

    Puppy Rampage

    Super Diaper

    Pinky Binky

    Chocolate Boots

    Panda Lips

    Whats your favorite(s) from mine? :)

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  • Jennetteswagg
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  • Jennetteswagg

    Hey guys, I just wanted to say that, I really don't think I want to ship Cam anymore. I mean I like it and think its cute, but chances are, it will most likely never happen. I don't know why before I had my hopes high for Cam to happen before, I never really relized how many people would freak about it. Dan probably would never have their friendship taken to the next level anyway. There probably would never ever be a little Cam kiss anyway, not even a peck on the cheek or anything y'know. I think I'm not going to ship anything. I'm really stumped right now. I know a few other Cam shippers, but not a whole lot. I don't even know if theres that many Cam shippers out there. I'm so confused on what to do :/ If it did happen, there would be all…

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  • Jennetteswagg

    Should Dan have Carly and Sam kiss, just at least once? Were not asking for like a Cam makeout or anything, just a simple kiss, like the seddie kiss, maybe a bit shorter. I think there should just be one Cam kiss, theres been a Seddie kiss, and a bunch of Creddie kisses, but were is that one Cam kiss? I know people may freak out about it, but they can deal with it. :) I really hope in a future episode they do kiss, maybe out of excitement, just once. I think it would be really cute. :) Do you think they should? Just once? To make it fair to all the Cam shippers?

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  • Jennetteswagg

    Wow. I have seen people go hard at hating Cam now, more than usual. It makes me feel mad when people write bad things about Cam. What is so wrong about Cam? Oh, its 2 girls thats gross! Carly and Sam are not lesbians! There bestfriends, they would never do that! Its not gross, really. There is nothing wrong with 2 girls dating. I really don't get how that's gross. You never know, Carly and Sam maybe bi or bi courious, after awhile, they might wanna try something new, for a change. (Maybe if they start not liking guys after awhile or start liking girls and guys Idk it could be for anything) Just because there bestfriends, doesn't mean that they wouldn't take their relationship to the next level. I seen a bunch of bestfriends develope into a relati…

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