(Reminder:This is a Cam blog, so if you do not ship and/or like Cam, please do not comment on this, I don't want to waste my time reading hate comments and such, thank you)

I was thinking, there should be a special day, just for Cam, but when? We all should deside when and what it should have,about Cam.

I'm thinking there should be a Cam song, fan made videos of Cam, and Cam pictures, made or edited by Cam fans. If you can think of anything Cam related we can do on this day, we can descuss it.

We would call this, Camiversary. It will be a special day about Cam. For instance I have a Cam paddle, and I have decorated a pink T shirt and sweatpants with Cam quotes and I would use and wear that for the Camiversary. I also have a bunch of pictures of Cam as well and I could make a collage of those pictures.

I wanted to make Camiversary because I just simply love Cam and would love to support it in the best possible way I can. Camiversary would be an funfilled Cam day, people making pictures, collages, videos all about Cam. It would be a really fun day. So if your a Cam fan, you really should take part in this day, but we have to discuss what day would be Camiversary. Leave comments and tell me what you think :) and if you want to take part in it, lets discuss of when we should have it. :)


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