Ok so as you guys know I'm a Cam shipper and I've been seeing so many hate comments on the Cam relationship page and not just the relationship page I've been see Cam hating on Twitter as well. I know your probably thinking Ew Cam's gross because its 2 girls ewww I've heard enough of that.At least We Cam shippers don't constantly fight. Like Seddie and Creddie, There all yelling at eachother and just being plain selfish and rude. It would be a suprise to see if Dan had Cam on icarly. Like how he had Nora kiss that girl or in Drake and Josh where he had them kiss multiple times on the lips (and there brothers!). All we Cam shippers would at least like to have them kiss or one simply on the cheek, out of excitement or not. Come on guys, Cam is not that bad. Even if you don't ship Cam, enough with the rude comments ok? I don't like Seddie or Creddie, that doesn't mean that I got to write hate comments about them or saying eww gross!. If you don't like Cam then why take your time to write comments on the page? I just don't like when people when they say they hate the ship. It's an easy I don't ship Cam. Its easy as 1,2,3. So please enough with hate comments on the Cam page and on twitter.

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