Wow. I have seen people go hard at hating Cam now, more than usual. It makes me feel mad when people write bad things about Cam. What is so wrong about Cam? Oh, its 2 girls thats gross! Carly and Sam are not lesbians! There bestfriends, they would never do that! Its not gross, really. There is nothing wrong with 2 girls dating. I really don't get how that's gross. You never know, Carly and Sam maybe bi or bi courious, after awhile, they might wanna try something new, for a change. (Maybe if they start not liking guys after awhile or start liking girls and guys Idk it could be for anything) Just because there bestfriends, doesn't mean that they wouldn't take their relationship to the next level. I seen a bunch of bestfriends develope into a relationship, girl guy, both girls, and both guys. I'm perfectly fine with them. I think that homo couples are way cuter and better than straight couples, and I'm straight. Also, there were so many moments in icarly where Sam and Carly look like they have an attraction for eachother. They both are pretty touchy-feely with eachother. They would sleep next to eachother, there shoulders love to touch eachothers, they hug a lot, there always close upon eachother when they stand next to eachother, there barely inches apart, Sam touched Carly's butt in a dark closet and knew that she was right next to her (Carly said Sam in a mysterious tone that seems like shes meaning not when were live),Carly frisked Sam and then spanked her as they were walking out the door,Sam ate this tamollie (or whatever it is) in Carly's bed, Carly said that her bed isn't some place to eat, that hints to that Sam has slept in Carly's bed. When Carly likes a new guy, it looks as Sam is jelous There are so many Cam touchy-feely moments, and just moments, oneday, they might take there relationship to the next level. Dan gives us hints that they may have feelings for eachother. I honestly think that they would be the cutest couple ever. Sam would be like the boy in the relationship and Carly definately would be the girl. Sam has so many characteristics of a guy. (what she wears, her personality, what she does, ext...) Dan also states that there are gonna be new relationships on icarly, so Cam may be one of them because Cam would definately be a new relationship. (Creddies out of the picture because its definately not new) So If you really don't like Cam, please tell me, I really don't know what there is to hate about Cam.

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