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    Sam remembers Seddie

    January 16, 2013 by JmacAri

    Hi eveyone thanks for reading my fanfic

    Sam's pov

    I remember the first time we met,I coden't even look at him without laughing, I used to pick ht of the lock in I remember tht day like it was yesterday]on him just because i was to afraid to tell him i loved him.But then everything changed, the night of the lock in [I rember that day like it was yesterday]. Carly thought i had a crush on Brad,but really i loved Freddie, I remember me and Carly arguing,Then me running outside,Freddie coming to look for me,me kissing him.

    Next thing i knew I was at Troubled warter's mental instatution

    ,i'd ran there hoping that Carly,Freddie and Gibby woulden't come looking for me,[thay did] I remember having to do ICarly there because thay woulden't let me leave…

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  • JmacAri

    Hi there people thanks for reading this, tell me what ya think in the comments section here goes.

    [Sam's in Carly's room crying Freddie comes in]

    Freddie ; Sam are you okaySam; Yeah I'm just sad that Carly's gone that's allFreddie;Yeah me to, but it's not like she's going to forget about us or anythingSam;I know but[Freddie interruptes]Freddie; But whatSam;She's my best friend I mean I know iv'e got you Gibby and Spencer but it just won't be the same without her.Freddie; I know , she's like my sister. I can't believe i used to have a crush on herSam;You mean you don't like her any moreFreddie; No i love you Sam; What  

    Freddie;Let me finish your the most butitiful girl in the world your cool, funny smart miciveous. Yeah yov'e got a few proble…

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