Hi eveyone thanks for reading my fanfic

Sam's pov

I remember the first time we met,I coden't even look at him without laughing, I used to pick ht of the lock in I remember tht day like it was yesterday]on him just because i was to afraid to tell him i loved him.But then everything changed, the night of the lock in [I rember that day like it was yesterday]. Carly thought i had a crush on Brad,but really i loved Freddie, I remember me and Carly arguing,Then me running outside,Freddie coming to look for me,me kissing him.

Next thing i knew I was at Troubled warter's mental instatution

,i'd ran there hoping that Carly,Freddie and Gibby woulden't come looking for me,[thay did] I remember having to do ICarly there because thay woulden't let me leave without permission from one of my perent's [Yeah like that gonna happen]. I remember Carly setting up live video chat's and asking fans if thay thought i was insane for liking Freddie, then Freddie getting out his pear pad   and starting talking into it.I remember me saying fine,we get it Benson if you wanna humiliate me on the web,just do it already,I don't even care,get back at me for all the mean things iv'e said. Before i could finish my sentence he was kissing me.

Our relatonship lasted quite a while, for our first date we went to the groovy smoothie and ended up fighting over a giagantic cup. on one date we ended up fighting over weather or not I was using to much cheese [yeah you get it]. I remember our break up, him telling me he loved me,me saying I loved him back,and that was it,we where over.   I still remember all the fun times I had with him,alll the laughs all the fights. I hope someday he'll love me again


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