I may not be a fan of the show but if there is a final season of icarly,the series finale will be like this and it will probably be called "ifinale" based on EdFan12's idea:

Well the episode which will look almost similar to frasiers series finale goodnight seattle will begin with a framing story where carly who now goes to college in a different state (possibly new york or chicago) by traveling in aeroplane where she meets a female pre teen fellow passenger who admired her now ended webshow "icarly" is excited to meet her as a passenger and wonders what its like doing her final show ,carly then explains the whole story to her ,

It will probably resolve some major things of other characters including herself like if she is going to move on to a different colledge for example especially when they wondered if they will end icarly,Near the end of this last episode they decide to end it anyway but have all of their beloved fans participate in the last show ,Much like frasier doing his final broadcast in the radio in his series finale,carly and sam thank their audience for watching their web show for the last seven or eight years and it would'nt have been great without them then like some special episode endings she,her friends and her fans decided to have some cool dance hall routine to give a spectacular ending to the webshow.

The framing story ends after carly finished her story to her fellow passenger when the plane landed to her destination and she says goodbye to her as it was great talking to her,and then the last shot of the episode shows carly looking out to the brighter future as she went out of that airport

What do you think if its nice i hope the creator of icarly dan will appreciate it and accpet it and hope i will be co-credited.

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