The 3rd iCarly Wiki Awards was a hit. Many attended and had a good time. One Singular Sensation and I hosted the awards.

For the User categories, DevonAndersen received the most wins.

If you won, please give a speech. You will soon get an award for winning.

Show Categories

Winners are listed in bold.

Best Episode

iGet Pranky

  • iReunite With Missy
  • iPilot
  • iKiss
  • iThink They Kissed

Best Season One Episode


  • iGot Detention
  • iMight switch Schools
  • iDon't Want to Fight
  • iRue the Day
  • iWin a Date
  • iHatch Chicks
  • iHeart Art
  • iPromote Techfoots
  • iNevel
  • iSpy A Mean Teacher
  • iPromise Not to Tell
  • iWant a World Record
  • iHate Sam's Boyfriend

Best Season Two Episode


  • iTake On Dingo
  • iChristmas
  • iFight Shelby Marx
  • iMake Sam Girlier
  • iMust Have Locker 239
  • iTwins
  • iGo To Japan

Best Season Three Episode

iThink They Kissed

  • iQuit iCarly
  • iSaved Your Life
  • iSpeed Date
  • iMove Out
  • iCarly Awards
  • iWas a Pageant Girl
  • iBeat the Heat
  • iBelive in Bigfoot

Best Season Four Episode


  • iSam's Mom
  • iGet Pranky
  • iGot a Hot Room
  • iStart a Fan War
  • iSam's Mom
  • iSell Penny T's
  • iPity the Nevel
  • iParty With Victorious

Best Season Five Episode


  • iOpen a Restaurant
  • iGet Banned
  • iPear store
  • iShock America
  • iQ
  • iLost My Mind
  • iStill Psycho
  • iFind Spencer Friends

Best Quote

Freddie: "I love you." Sam: "I love you, too."

  • "I'll get my boobs!" - Spencer
  • "Gibeeeeeeeeehh"
  • "Why don't you two just pick up your forks and use them to jab each other in the eyes?!"- Carly
  • "You've always made me laugh...... and feel safe, show me that being a grown up doesn't mean you have to stop being silly, creative, and fun." - Carly
  • "Well, you are one... to me" -Carly iSYL
  • So I guess we're both insane (iLost My MInd)
  • "Happy Birthday!" - Guppy
  • "Wo bu zhi dao"- Carly, iQ
  • "I'm not slipping by choice! Stupid gravity" - Carly Shay, iQuit iCarly
  • "Look at you thinking outside the socks!"- Spencer
  • iStill Psycho when nora says "Gimmie some beak"
  • "I'm Carly, I'm Sam, and this is- oh wait, I'm Carly, I'm Sam, we were momentarily confused!"

Favorite Season

Season Three

  • Season One
  • Season Two
  • Season Four
  • Season Five

Favorite Main Character

Sam Puckett

  • Carly Shay
  • Freddie Benson
  • Spencer Shay
  • Gibby

Favorite Minor Character

Gibby (when he was one)

  • Nevel
  • Reuben
  • T-Bo
  • Mrs. Benson
  • Mandy
  • Principal Franklin
  • Wendy
  • Col. Steven Shay
  • Goopy Gilbert
  • Melanie

Favorite Guest Star

Jim Parsons

  • Jack Black
  • Emma Stone
  • Danielle Morrow
  • One Direction
  • Lean Thomas III
  • The First Lady Michelle Obama
  • Pawn Stars

Favorite Minor Ship

Spencer and Marty

  • Spencer and Marilyn
  • Carly and Adam
  • Spencer and Veronica
  • Spencer and Sasha
  • Creddiam
  • Spencer and Sam
  • Freddie and Wendy

Silliest Ship


  • Sam and Pie
  • Spencer and Mrs. Benson
  • Sam and Baggles
  • Baggles and Gibby
  • Sam/Sandwich

Favorite Artwork By Spencer

Bottle Bot

  • Sclupture With Many Moving Parts
  • Video Squirrel
  • Fof Hammers

Saddest iCarly Moment

"And this has been iCarly"

  • Group hug in iGoodbye
  • Carly and Sam hug in iGoodbye
  • Ending of iGoodbye
  • Montage in iGoobye
  • Carly and Spencer goodbye scene in iGoodbye
  • The Sam and Freddie breakup scene

Funniest Episode

iBelive in Bigfoot

iGet Pranky

  • iPilot
  • iRue the Day
  • iOMG
  • iApril Fools
  • iKiss
  • iRocked the Vote
  • iTake On Dingo
  • iToe Fat Cakes
  • iStill Psycho
  • iSpeed Date
  • iLost My Head in Vegas

Best Carly Moment

I dont kiss like ululul. I kiss like a princess

  • "Oh come on Kyle! I don't lie when I'm kissing, huh?" and then looks at him

flirtily and says "Huh?" and rasises her eyebrow

  • When the smart guy figured out she wasn't a genius like him in iQ
  • Her facial expression after watching the Tongue Boy video in iCarly Awards.
  • Singing in iDo
  • Flirting with the guy in iPear store
  • iBelieve in Bigfoot squirrel wrestling scene
  • Touching Freddie's hand and kissing Freddie in iGoodbye

Best Sam Moment

Using her buttersock

  • Freddie:how did...but could you....] Sam:You wanna finish any of those sentences,or...?
  • Victory dance in iSaved Your Life - "Momma wins! I blow my score ninja! I am the ULTIMATE ASSASSIN!!"
  • Her facial expression after watching the Tongue Boy video in iCarly Awards.
  • Beating up Jocelyn
  • Beating up Danan Bukowski
  • Voice change in iHalfoween
  • iTake On Dingo Buttersock scene
  • Defending Lervin from the bully in iBattle Chip
  • Helping Carly in iRescue Carly

Best Freddie Moment

Saving Carly in iSaved Your Life

  • Freddie:This isn't over! [Natalie:Why? What's left?] Freddie: I....Nothing. It's over (iPear Store)
  • "What are they gonna do, fire me?" in iGoodbye
  • Standing up against Valerie
  • Hosting the webshow in iBalls
  • Putting two fingers in his mouth and sticking them in Fleck and Dave's ears while they were arguing
  • Showing his picture in iPsycho

Best Spencer Moment

"I may be an idiot. But I'm not stupid"

  • Spastic money dance in iGot A Hot Room
  • Wearing Carly's jeans
  • Constantly making things go on fire in iPear Store
  • Getting rid of Trey when he tried to kiss Carly
  • The Squirrel catching on fire in iGoodbye
  • Giving Sam the motorcycle moment in iGoodbye
  • Earning Carly,Sam and Freddie a spot in the World Record book
  • Getting the trio out of Daka's contract
  • Giving all the insurance money to renovate Carly's room

Best Seddie Moment

Saying "I Love You"

  • iLove You Elevator Talk
  • iPear Store Ending
  • Freddie: "It's only 10:30." Sam: "Break up at midnight?" Freddie: "Works for me."
  • First kiss in iKiss
  • iOMG kiss
  • Working together in iPear Store
  • Kiss at the end of iCan't Take It
  • Freddie Saying Sam's opinion is important to him in iWill Date Freddie
  • Freddie helping Sam in iReunite with Missy
  • iThink They Kissed when Carly asks them if they enjoyed the kiss and they stand there awkwardly

Best Creddie Moment

Kiss in iGoodbye

  • "Bigfoot?" "How would Bigfoot know your name?" (iBelieve in Bigfoot)
  • iSYL kiss
  • Hug in iChristmas
  • Dance in iSpeedate
  • Horse Conversation

Best Cam Moment

Elevator hug in iGoodbye

  • When Carly patted down Sam while wearing a pink bunny suit
  • Sam reveals the cake frosting in iGoodbye. Carly: "You're a good friend."
  • Window-washer's platform scene in iQuit iCarly.
  • iQuit iCarly hug
  • Sam telling Carly about her kiss with Freddie in iThink they kissed
  • Hosting the iCarly Awards together
  • Sam giving Carly the remote in iGoodbye

Best Gibby Moment

"I thought Spencer's your dad?

  • "Don't shoot! I'm just a Gibby!"
  • Gibby watches the movie with Spencer's date in iLove You-
  • Fighting Nora in iPsycho
  • Understanding Reuben
  • Dancing in the middle of the Cheesecake Warehouse (iWin a Date)
  • Singing when people are vomiting
  • When he had a nghtmare about beeing late for an exam in iDream of Dance

User Categories

All Around iCarly Superfan


  • Alica123
  • CartoonPrincess
  • One Singular Sensation

Funniest User


  • Alica123
  • MirandaCosgroveFan13
  • SpencerFanGirl123
  • StraightACarlaay

Best Fan-Fiction Writer


  • Godlovesusall
  • The Sam Puckett

Biggest Fan Award - Seddie


  • ObessiveSeddieDisorder
  • Purple255225
  • Seddie4EverAlways
  • Seddiejathanfan

Biggest Fan Award - Creddie


  • Godlovesusall
  • Lotstar
  • MirandaCosgroveFan13
  • Sockstar1

Biggest Fan Award - Cam


  • DawnBTVS
  • The Sam Puckett

Friendliest User

Holy Chiz

  • CreddieCupcake
  • Seddiegirl808
  • SpencerFanGirl123

Funnest User


  • Alica123
  • CartoonPrincess
  • PurpleCandyCaneXX
  • TaraBridgett

Most Promising Newcomer


  • Suvivor321
  • UltraDizu

Best Avatar


  • EpicnezzEmily
  • Jon23812
  • SpencerFanGirl123

Most Typos on Chat


  • FreddieSeddieI'mReady
  • Holy Chiz

Most Resourceful User


  • CreddieCupcake
  • EpicFork
  • Mak23686

Most Missed User


  • Ar0n65
  • Latersgee
  • Magicboots
  • Seddiegirl98

Best User Name


  • FreddieSeddieI'mReady
  • Otherworldly Poptart
  • PurpleStripedFudgeParole
  • Samlovesham

Most Artistic

Desu! Hihi

  • CreddieCupcake
  • Lotstar
  • Salior*Moon*Star
  • Tanya233

Most Dedicated User


  • CreddieCupcake
  • Mak23686

Best Blog Series

The Chizz Weekly

  • 2 Girls, 1 World
  • iCarly Toons
  • Misadventures in Wiki Hell
  • Somnium

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