Chapter 7

"So you lost the money," Sam said to Carly on the phone.

"Yeah," she responded.

"Well, how in the name of chiz am I going to get out of this dump?"

"Good behavior?"

"Never gonna happen."

A curly haird guy walks up to Carly. "Visiting hours are over!" he yelled.

"Okay, bye," Carly said to Sam hanging up the phone.

A few days later Carly woke up with an idea. "I'll go follow that bird and find that money." Carly put on her clothes and headed out to the park. She sat on a bench waiting for the bird she saw take the envelope.

Freddie saw Carly sitting on the bench looking at the birds. He walked up to her and asked why she was doing so.

"A bird stole my money, and I'm looking for that bird, adn I'm going to follow it to it's nest."

"What if the brid dropped the envel-"

"That's the bird!" Carly cheered pointing at the bird.

"How do you know that's the bird?" Freddie asked.

"It has that birth mark on his wing. Now I'm gonna stalk it." Carly got up and creeped behind the bird.

The bird turned its neck and saw Carly stalking him, so it flew away, and Carly chased after it.

The bird tried out flying Carly, but she was determined to follow it. The bird flew on the top of the Space Needle. Carly went on the elevator to the top flool and went to the roof. The bird wasn't there but the nest with three eggs in it had the envelope. Carly went to take it, but the brid came and started attacking her. Carly tried slapping it away, but the bird kept biting her. A loud thunder was heard and the brid flew away. Carly reached under the eggs and pulled out the envelope.

"Take that you stupid bird!" Carly yelled flashing the envelope in the air. The bird pooped on Carly. "Well it can't get any worse."

The sky percipitated, and Carly was wet.

"Aww man."

"247, 248, 249, 250, okay Ms. Puckett your free to go," announced the chief.

"Thanks Carls," Sam said as she was hugging Carly. "Why do you smell like bird poop?"

"It's a long story," Carly said.

iEnd iCarly Chapters

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