In school the next week, Carly walked into Freddie.

“Hey, have you seen, Sam?” Freddie asked.

“No,” Carly answered, “the last time I saw her she---”

“Carly Shay, phone call in the main office… NOW!!!” said the desk lady.

“I better go,” Carly said rushing to the main office.

When Carly got there, the deck lady handed her the phone with an agervated look, “Try to not be on for too long,” she said.

Carly picked up the phone; “Hello?”

“It’s me,” said Sam’s voice.

“Where are you, you’ve missed the first 5 periods.”

“I’m in jail.”


“I said I’m in jail.”

“How can you be in jail?”

“I went up to the test administrators to get back my $20, and they spent it on pizza, so I used my butter sock.”

“Sam, I told you that butter sock will get you in trouble one day.”

“Anyways, you need to come over and bail me out.”

“Why can’t your mother bail you out?”

“She’s getting plastic surgery.”

“Okay, how much do I need?”


“$250? Sam, where am I going to get $250?”

“Go over to my house and use the illegal money printing machine, the password is-”

“A what?” said the police officer.

“I said… a legal money printing machine,” Sam lied.

The police officer grabbed the phone; “Come here with 250 non-illegal dollars.”

“Okay,” Carly said.

Chapter 4 will be out next week

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