Chapter 5

Carly walked downstairs ready for her final day of work. "What are you making?" she asked Spencer.

"I'm making a model of the universe," Spencer answered.

"Out of meatballs?"


"Won't they go bad?"

"No, I put in lots of persuasiveness on them, the won't expire until 3012."

"Well, I'm off to work, my last day, then I'll get Sam out of jail."


Carly made her final delivery and Matt gave her the paycheck for $250.

"Thanks," Carly said.

"Don't mention it," Matt replied.

Carly made her way to the bank, but was stopped by Gibby.

"Hey, Carly," Gibby said.

"Hey, Gibby, if you don't mind-"

"Can you watch Guppy for me, while I'm at the park feeding birds Fiber Nuts?"

"Why can't Guppy come with you?"

"A pigeon pooped on his head, and he doesn't want to be near another bird ever again."

"Well, I can't I have to-"

"Please!" Gibby begged on his knees.

"Ugh, alright."

"Thanks," Gibby said quickly getting off his knees and running to the park."

"Happy Birthday!" Guppy said.

"Thanks, but my birthday's not for another 10 weeks."

"Happy Birthday!".

At the Shay's apartment Carly walked in with Guppy.

"Hey, Guppy," Spencer welcomed.

"Happy Birthday!"

"Can you watch Guppy while I go to the bank and get my cash?" Carly asked.

"Sure thing kiddo."

Carly walked out.

"So, Guppy, have you ever played War of Warlords?"

"Don't you mean World of Warc-"

Spencer interrupted. "Do you wanna get sued for product placement?"


Carly walked out of the back with the cash in a sealed envelope and made her way to prison, where she bumped into three people. It was Nevel, Valerie, and Missy.

"Hey, Shay," Missy said.

"Oh, it's you," Carly replied.

"...and us," said Nevel and Valerie.

"We were just talking about how much we hate you and your friends," Nevel told her.

"Can we do this another time? I need to get Sam out of prison," Carly told them.

"Again?" Valerie said.

"Hey! Let's get rid of that envelope and keep Sam in jail," Missy suggested.

"What a great idea," Nevel agreed.

"No!" Carly said backing away, "There's no need to do that."

"GET HER!" Valerie yelled.

They all ganged up on Carly and took the envelope and threw it in the air where a bird grabbed it and flew away.

"Aww man!"

iEnd iCarly Chapters

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