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  • Joyme456

    Spencer: I think I am about to throw up, dude.

    Freddie: Why?

    Spencer: My little sister, Carly Shay, has a crush on..... Gibby.

    Freddie: Are you sure? I think the pantless hobo named Gibby that is outside the apartment is who you're referring to, right?

    Spencer: I'm afraid not. I'll kill myself if he is my future brother-in-law.

    (Sam walks in.)

    Sam: What goes on, single people?

    Freddie: You have a boyfriend?

    Spencer: No offense, but you are the kind of girl that no one wants to date.

    Sam: Why do you say that?

    Freddie: For one thing, most of your family are convicts and you've been to juvy way too much.

    Sam: Shut up, tech geek. Anyway, my boyfriend is-

    Spencer: Wait, don't tell me is it Gibby? (he and Freddie laugh hard)

    Sam: He is Gibby.

    (he and Freddie …

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  • Joyme456

    Carly: Hey, Freddie!! (touches his cheeks)

    Freddie: Hey, you know I don't like it when you touch my face like that.

    Carly: Sorry.

    Freddie: That usually means you're super happy. What goes on at school?

    Carly: Well, you know the singer, Miranda cosgrove.

    Freddie: She looks just like you, but way hotter, has more cheekbone structure, has a better voice, and has almost two million likes on Facebook, but you have almost one million.

    Carly: Thank you for making me a little sad about my hotness, cheeks, singing, and social status.

    Freddie: Sorry, kid.

    Carly: That's okay. But my good news about her is that she is performing at our Fall Fling in three days!

    Freddie: No way! I am going to ask her if she can sign my poster of her.

    Carly: you scare me sometime…

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  • Joyme456

    Carly: Sam! Freddie! Gibby!

    Sam: What?

    Carly: Miley Cyrus is in Seattle and she would like to sing on iCarly to perform her song, "The Time of our Lives"!

    Gibby: Shut up! I have all her albums! Ad her boyfriend, Liam is super hot!

    (Everyone stares at Gibby.)

    Gibby: Stare all you want. Miley will still have an awesome voice and Liam will still remain hot.

    Sam: Can somebody please say something to cover Gibby's social awkwardness!

    Carly: I love her clothing line!

    Freddie: Me too!

    Carly: Huh?

    Freddie: I'm kidding!

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  • Joyme456

    Carly and Gibby are dancing at the dance.

    Setting: Ridgeway Gym

    Carly: Gibby, I hear that Tasha and her band, The Rockers are playing tonight.

    Gibby: Yeah, what's it to ya?

    Carly; Well, Gibby I don't want you to get hurt when she sings.

    Gibby: Oh, I won't. She is a horrible singer.

    (Carly raises her eyebrows)

    Gibby: Okay, maybe she has a powerful, beautiful voice.

    Carly: No chez.

    (Tasha comes out on stage with her band singing a beautiful song about Gibby and how she now isn't in love with Chester)

    Chester: I love you too, babe!!!!!!!!!!! (he begins to cry)

    (Gibby comes on stage and starts to kiss Tasha)

    Crowd: Ewwwwwww.

    Sam: That is more disturbing than my Mom running in a too tight bikini on a hot summer day.

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  • Joyme456

    Carly tells Sam about going out with Gibby to the Spring Fling Dance.

    Setting: Living room of the Shay's apartment

    Sam: Why would you go to the dance with that shirtless hamster?

    Carly: Sam, his girlfriend broke up with him with a guy named Chester.

    Sam: I know. But Chester probably not better than my sweetykins, Freddie Benson.

    (Freddie walks to the living room with a smoothie with two straws for his girlfriend, Sam and him) Freddie: Of course he is not hotter than me.

    Carly: You guys make me want to vomit chicken blood.

    (Spencer comes in the living room with some lemonade) Spencer: So you are going to the dance with Gibby?

    Freddie: But isn't Tasha more hotter than Carly.

    Sam: Tasha better not be hot in your eyes, Fredward.

    Freddie: Yes, my lollibea…

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